Do you need an impartial third party present during your conflict resolution? Mediation can help you while you negotiate your solution.

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Do you need a decision from a third party to resolve a conflict? Arbitration can provide a resolution that takes all sides into account.

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Do you have a question about your options in a conflict? A consultation may provide you with choices and possible steps to resolution.

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Need to resolve a dispute?

Mediation and arbitration are both flexible and cost-effective ways to help parties reach settlements. If you have questions about your resolution options, consultation is also available.

The acting mediator’s or arbitrator's role is as a neutral intermediary and thus your mediator/arbitrator is not acting and cannot act as an advocate for either or any parties involved in this dispute. Prior to, during or after any mediation/arbitration process the parties acknowledge being thoroughly advised by the mediator/arbitrator to obtain legal advice and review of any agreement before signing it. --- Copyright © 2017 Arbitration and Mediation Services