Carla Pennington, Arbitrator and Mediator

With her years of experience in conflict resolution, Carla would be honored to assist you in reaching a solution to your dispute through either mediation or arbitration. She is passionate about avoiding the enormous costs of time and money associated with the court system. She also knows that a mediated settlement gives the parties control over the outcome which they forfeit when a decision is made through a judge or jury.

Carla is the Managing Member of Arbitration & Mediation Services, LLC. She trained with Mediators of Texas and is qualified as an Advanced Mediator and Arbitrator. As a non-attorney mediator, Carla is skilled at remaining neutral. While attorneys advocate for their client, the mediator must be able to facilitate the process without a bias for either side. Parties should not expect to get an opinion on legal issues from the mediator but definitely should rely on their own attorney for legal advice. The advantage to mediation is that the parties reach their own solutions, which Carla views as a much more successful result than litigation.

Carla is a licensed Realtor working primarily in the Williamson County area. Her skills as a Certified Negotiation Expert have earned her high praise from her clients. She is an expert in reaching a mutually satisfying outcome in what can be a contentious situation between buyers and sellers. She has had experience in the arena of landlord/ tenant disputes, often standing in the middle as an intermediary between these parties.

Prior to real estate, Carla worked seventeen years as the practice administrator for a busy medical practice. Her experience there included the negotiation of insurance contracts, employment contracts, billing disputes, and employee conflicts.

Her degree is from Texas Tech University in Speech Pathology. That work and training added to her base knowledge of the educational system, particularly with regard to special needs.

Professional Organizations:

  • Texas Association of Mediators
  • Austin Association of Mediators
  • National Association of Realtors
  • Texas Association of Realtors
  • Williamson County Association of Realtors

Carla and her husband moved to Georgetown in 1991. They have raised four children and are the proud grandparents of six grandchildren. Carla is active in her church and community. She is an avid knitter, and particularly enjoys spending time with her knitting friends. Her guiding principle in her mediation and arbitration practice is to “...pursue the things which make for peace and the building up of one another.” Romans 14:19

Karla Forbert, Arbitrator and Mediator

Karla Forbert has a Master's Degree in Special Education and is an Advanced Mediator & Arbitrator. Karla has been a mediator since 2004.

Throughout the years Karla has mediated many conflicts and has helped many people come to a successful dispute resolution. She has had extensive training in mediation and is credentialed in the state of Oklahoma and Texas.

Her experience is comprised of a broad range of businesses and professional positions. Serving as Vice President of Administration for The Meadows Center for Opportunity, 501-(c)31-Not for Profit business that employees Adults with Special Needs and overseeing its six figure budget budget was extremely rewarding professionally and personally.

Karla has a broad professional experience base which comes from owning and operating various businesses throughout her professional career.  Her experience includes: owning and operating retail businesses, owning and operating a Restaurant & Lodge, as well as owning and operating an Automobile Pre-Owned Dealership. Karla has spent many years involved with Special Needs children and adults.  She has served the state of Oklahoma as Preschool Coordinator for Special Education and written grants and written policy for that program which is still in place.  Karla's work experience also includes experience in implementation of Government contracts, and owning and operating a Farming & Ranching operation.

Need to resolve a dispute?

Mediation and arbitration are both flexible and cost-effective ways to help parties reach settlements. If you have questions about your resolution options, consultation is also available.

The acting mediator’s or arbitrator's role is as a neutral intermediary and thus your mediator/arbitrator is not acting and cannot act as an advocate for either or any parties involved in this dispute. Prior to, during or after any mediation/arbitration process the parties acknowledge being thoroughly advised by the mediator/arbitrator to obtain legal advice and review of any agreement before signing it. --- Copyright © 2017 Arbitration and Mediation Services