Consultation is important for those who are unsure about their options in resolving a dispute. Consulting with a mediator or arbitrator can assist an individual or parties in a dispute by helping them gain perspective on their choices.

Consultation is neither legally binding nor mandatory, and the process is simple and generally flexible. The concerned party or parties ask questions regarding the types of dispute resolution options available, often with the intent of selecting one to move forward in reaching a settlement. The consulting arbitrator or mediator listens and answers questions with the aim of resolving any confusion and assisting the parties in making an effective choice for their dispute resolution.

Carla Pennington is a trained mediator and arbitrator who is committed to approaching every dispute with equity and understanding. If you have questions regarding your options for settling a dispute and would like to request a consultation, you can contact Carla here.

The acting mediator’s or arbitrator's role is as a neutral intermediary and thus your mediator/arbitrator is not acting and cannot act as an advocate for either or any parties involved in this dispute. Prior to, during or after any mediation/arbitration process the parties acknowledge being thoroughly advised by the mediator/arbitrator to obtain legal advice and review of any agreement before signing it. --- Copyright © 2017 Arbitration and Mediation Services